Warren Business Debt Recovery Attorney

warren-business-debt-recovery-attorneyDon’t let your business get weighed down by bad debt. You work hard to keep your business operating smoothly, and you deserve to be paid by those who use your services.

Unfortunately, all too often others are not responsible about making their payments on time, if at all. Sometimes, it takes litigation — or just the threat of litigation — to get your bills paid. At Gudeman & Associates, P.C., we will fight for your rights in state court, and the United States Bankruptcy Court to recover the payment you have rightfully earned.

The longer you wait to recover debts, the less likely you are to ever collect them. The other party could declare bankruptcy, thereby discharging the debt. Your business would have to absorb those costs. When you have a client who is delinquent in payment, you have two choices:

  • Send the debt to a collection agent, which can be costly and time consuming, or
  • Hire an attorney, and go straight to litigation.

Gudeman & Associates, P.C., is relentless in the pursuit of collecting unpaid debts. We will fight for a judgment in court that will allow us to acquire liens on the delinquent party’s property, as well as orders to seize property. This approach provides our clients with the security of knowing the debts owed to them will be paid.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss your collections matter, contact Gudeman & Associates, P.C., today. We offer payment for our collections services either by the hour, or by results – a contingency fee of 30% plus costs.